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Meet Bad Air

Meet Ozone
The problem with Ozone is that he is two-faced. When he is hanging out in the stratosphere, he's nice and considerate, helping to block potentially harmfulultraviolet light from reaching theground. When he comes down to earth he can make the air dirty and hard to breathe. Healthy people as well as those with respiratory difficulty, can experience breathing problems when exposed to ozone. (U.S. EPA, "OzoneGenerators that are Sold as Air Cleaners: An Assesment of Effectiveness and Health Consequences," August 2006) Learn how to Beat Ozone

Meet Bacteria
Microscopic in size but not in stature, Bacteria likes to grow in warm damp places - or anywhere pals like Humidity and Mold are found.  Ignore him and he can become a giant health concern for you and your family.  Learn how to Beat Bacteria

Meet Cold
When Cold's not chilling in hard to reach places, you'll find him hangin near drafty windows and doors - or maybe snuggling up to Mom and her favorite blanket.  Learn how to Beat Cold

Meet Odor
To put it bluntly Odor stinks!  Nobody likes him and getting rid of him can be a difficult task.  Air freshners only mask Odor.  And, unfortunately they can further contaminate your home by releasing harmful chemicals into the air.  Luckily, theres a better way.  Learn how to Beat Odor

Meet Dust
Dust tends to stick around the longest.  He likes to lounge around on furniture, bookshelves and collect inside your ductwork - which not only affects the efficiency of your system, but the health of your family as well.  Learn how to Beat Dust

Meet Pollen
Pollen is a bit of a nomad.  A wayward sort who likes to float around the house looking for an easy sneeze.  But, if left to roam freely, he can make things difficult for anyone with allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems.  Learn how to Beat Pollen

Meet Mold
Mold is not only gross-he's sickening.  He can cause headaches, trigger allergies and turn your home into a serious health hazard if Humidity levels get to high.  Learn how to Beat Mold

Meet Pet Dander
He's hairy.  He's itchy.  He's Pet Dander.  And, if not dealt with properly, he can become an irritating pest for you and your family-especially those who suffer from respiratory problems like allergies and asthma.  Learn how to Beat Pet Dander

Meet Hot
He's Hot and he knows it.  And he has a burning desire to make you sweat.  But don't be fooled by his seductive ways.  Learn how to Beat Hot

Meet Humidity
Not only is Humidity a troublemaker when it comes to temperature-he likes to turn your home into a damp cozy haven for other Bad Air buddies like Mold, Odor and Bacteria to thrive.  Good for them.  Not so good for your family's health.  Learn how to Beat Humidity

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